DNA Test: Y-DNA 636044

Test Information

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    Test date 9 Aug 2017 
    Vendor Family Tree DNA 
    Test type Y-DNA 
    Test number 636044 
    Number of Markers 37 
    Haplogroup R-M269 
    Haplogroup R-M269 is the most common European Y-chromosomal lineage, increasing in frequency from east to west, and carried by 110 million European men. It is found in low frequencies in Turkey and northern Fertile Crescent, while its highest frequencies are in Western Europe. The relative contributions to modern European populations of Paleolithic hunter-gatherers and Neolithic farmers from the Near East have been intensely debated. Previous studies suggested a Paleolithic origin; however, two recent studies agree that this haplogroup has a more recent origin in Europe—yet they disagree on the timing of its spread.